Gibson BR-6 Repair/Refurbish

I aquired my beloved (but seriously ill) Ampeg VT-60 from the folks at Katzin Music in Durango, Colorado. Jim sold it to me at a more than reasonable price and with a few bucks in parts and a whole bunch of labor I was able to get the little beast back to it's former glory. It continues to serve me well.

Jim asked me to take a look at a client's old Gibson BR-6 amplifier to see if it was feasible to get it up and running. What showed up at my doorstep was a spectacular old amplifier that worked, but needed a reconing of the original electro-static speaker (this amp predates availability of the rare earth magnets commonly used in modern speakers) and new capacitors in the power supply and power amp sections. I was unable to help him with the recone but replaced the original caps with new ones and then redid some of the wiring with cloth covered wire and lacquered it to make it look like the original. This was an insanely cool little amplifier and a real pleasure to research and work on.

Gibson BR-6 (Slideshow coming soon...)